We get it.  In today's world, a lot of horrible things happen... and a lot of horrible people try to take advantage of good people.

We are not horrible people.  In fact, we take your identity, privacy, and security VERY seriously:

  • We use military-grade SSL encryption when you submit your personal and payment information.  
  • Our privacy and security is verified and certified by TrustedSite and McAfee, one of the world's most respected security firms
  • We use Stripe and Paypal to process your order. In other words, your billing information is NEVER stored on our personal servers.  In fact, it never touches our servers.  It goes straight to Stripe or Paypal
  • Both Stripe and Paypal are focused on your protection first.  In other words, if it turns out we're a bunch of cheats, you can go straight to them and they will return your money for you.  But we promise we're not cheats :)

If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us!