We've all been there!  You're excited to get started... but where is it??

Let's fix it :)

As soon as you sign up, we'll give you your personal access link.  It will be on the order confirmation page and we'll also send it to you in an email.

So, first, let's look for the welcome email with your personal link.

  • Check your email's spam/junk folder.  
  • If you're using Gmail, check your updates and promotions folders
  • If you used Paypal to sign up, check your Paypal email's inbox (assuming it's different than your regular email)

If you can't find the email, get in touch and we'll send you your link asap!

When you contact us, make sure to include:

  • the email address you used to sign up for the course
  • If you signed up with Paypal, make sure to include that as well.

To contact us, you have options: